Blue Water Bridge – Canadian Side

Size: 7,200 Tons

Opened: 1997

Location: Port Huron, Michigan to Sarnia, Ontario

The Blue Water Bridge is an international bridge across the St. Clair River. This toll bridge makes up half of the second busiest crossing point between the US and Canada. These bridges are jointly owned and maintained by the governments of the US and Canada. This crossing consists of two bridges. The bridge in the background was built in 1938 and the newer bridge (foreground) was added in 1997 to handle increased traffic.

During the construction, two temporary masts were erected to assist in the construction of the tied arch; the towers were painted red and lighted, enabling them to be seen from afar. The approaches to the new bridge use box girders, compared to the original which hold up the road deck with trusses.

Metro Steel Experts was very proud to be selected to be the structural steel contractor of the Canadian side of the newer bridge. Some interesting facts about this important bridge project include:

  • Main span was 922 ft. and the back spans were 280 ft.
  • LS718 crawler on the mats on the deck.
  • Main box girders pieces were 50 tons each.
  • Cross over section was about 80 tons.

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