Steel Fabrication

Metro Steel Experts combines manufacturing experience and engineering know how to produce custom fabrications and tailored steel products, according to customer specifications.

We have the management and technical skills to provide holistic designs that balance volatile material prices, fabrication and transportation costs with erection schemes matched to the site conditions. We fabricate and construct the steel for complex facilities, consistently meeting the urgent needs of our customers.

Rack Fabrication

Much of our fabrication of custom racking is performed at Indiana Bridge, Inc. We have shipped high tolerance fully welded rack frames over 100 ft tall, as well as the smaller DATs, CATs and bracing components. This plant gives us the control of the critical parts required to manufacture racking with the quality control required to meet today’s automation needs. Our Rack Team pioneered “on the ground” sprinkler installations in our pre-assembled rack modules, saving the owner approximately 15% in project costs and 2 months off the project schedule. An even bigger advantage is the safer installation with fewer workers on site.

When desired by our customer or the project owner, we have entered into “cooperative design agreements” to meet special environmental needs while minimizing costs. We have even saved the building owner time and money by “double using” the rack – first as shoring for a heavy concrete roof, and then its intended use for storing the customer’s product.

We can offer all of this as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

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